We Are Dealing With More than One Pandemic in This Country

While it is easy and perhaps reasonable that the Covid 19 Pandemic dominate the focus of the government and people of the Turks and Caicos Islands at this present time, my family was reminded yesterday that we are still dealing with the pandemic of crime.

I have written about crime and its impact in this country but never after being personally affected by it. Yesterday evening after returning from the bank to pay his workers at a construction site my uncle was robbed at gunpoint. My family is grateful to God that he is still with us. But it is unacceptable that an honest hard working contractor who by the sweat of his eyebrows providing bread for himself and many others for 40 years, was held at gunpoint in broad daylight on the site where he and his employees were working and making an honest living .

Too many of these stories are taking place in this country and it has to stop. Drastic measures are needed to protect the citizens of this country and their livelihood. No one is exempt, no one is safe. A few months ago it was Bro. Percy Williams, yesterday it was my uncle; tomorrow it could be you or me. Crime is still a pandemic, not solving these criminal activities is still a pandemic, the absence of an effective policing strategy to curb the problem is still a pandemic, and no accountability to this Leadership in the area of National Security is Also a pandemic to the people of this country. How much more can we take? Where is the end? What is the plan?

By the way, on behalf of the people of this country I kindly ask HE the Governor and TCI government this humble question:
Where are fifty (50) plus British soldiers deployed in the TCI? Were they not here to provide some support for National Security? Or are like some officials, being paid for work not being done? Hmmmm

Covid 19 is not the only Pandemic overwhelming this country, and our people deserve a better response from the leaders chosen and appointed to safeguard their lives and help them deal with these issues similarly to what other countries have expected their leadership to do.

If it’s too much to ask for then perhaps we as a people need to reevaluate the persons we continue to make responsible for decision making in this country.

Yes. My jumbie is in the Bush!

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