Police Officer suspended after get off my neck arrest

I have said it many times so let me say it again. It takes a special breed of human beings to be police officers, usually the dumbest amongst us.

Show me a police officer who is capable of learning and I will show you the video of Jesus walking on water.

We should not believe for one minute any police force whether in the United States or the United Kingdom that says choke holds and the knee on the neck is not standard policing restraint techniques.

If they are not standard policing restraint techniques, then why do police officers in every situation apply them without fail almost instinctively?

A video has gone viral where two police officers in North London during the arrest of a black man already handcuffed appeared to be kneed by one of the officers. The poor chap can be heard saying ”get off my neck.”

Remember George Floyd ”I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe” as the life ebbed out of his body under the knee of a white police officer?

See video here

And, why is it always a black man under the knee of a white police officer? Don’t they arrest white people too?

Let us talk bout dat!



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