Nevis Premier Takes 100 Percent Salary Cut

Nevis Premier-Mark-Brantley

In a move seen by many political commentators as unprecedented and highly patriotic, Premier of Nevis, Mark Brantley, in a show of solidarity with the people of Nevis due to the economic impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic, announced that he will forgo his entire monthly salary for the foreseeable future.

Wow! unprecedented for sure from a modern day politician!

This editor does not know the financial situation or personal wealth of the Nevis Premier. However, whether or not the Premier is wealthy this is a worthwhile gesture unexpected of politicians in the modern era.

The Premier on April 22, informed the public that since March, 2020 he had forgone his salary and benefits in full and will continue to do so until the crisis past.

With dwindling Government revenues across the region and internationally many leaders may have to follow the path of the Nevis Premier.

Let us see if other leaders will lead by example and cut their salaries first before they cut the salaries of civil servants and others.

This is not trending but we can talk bout dat!


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