Hon. George Lightbourne calls for action instead of prayers from the Commissioner of Police as crime skyrockets out of control

28 December 2020

Christmas Sunday evening the 27 December 2020, our country  recorded its 23rd homicide/murder. Apart from the usual copy and paste recitation offering his condolences to yet another hurting helpless family on the murder of their loved one, the Police Commissioner response was, once again void of any meaningful, effective solutions to crush and stem the steady uprising of gruesome crimes and gun violence that continue to wreak havoc on my people.

My heart bleeds for the tragic loss of precious lives  lost to murder that continues to go unsolved in our beloved homeland.

Yesterday Pastor Twelan T-Bone Swann who was violently murdered on his premises at 6am on October 8th 2020, would have celebrated his birthday.  We can all imagine the grief his family , like many other families,  suffered knowing that their relatives are absent from their lives and their dining room table. Many of these families have not gotten an update on any ongoing investigations while criminals walk our streets bare faced, brazen and contemplating  their next victim.

Whilst the murder rate continues to skyrocket and the number of unsolved cases grow cold, the Commissioner of Police continues to offer his prayers  and thoughts when what hurting families really need from him is to have answers and solutions to these senseless murders so as to bring closure and to have these crimes solved.

My people, the time has come to renounce this incompetent Commissioner of Police. The status quo is not working.  We deserve better! We can do better! We do not have to settle for this highly paid inept Commissioner.

With 23 murders and little to no convictions, it is clear to me and it should be clear to us all that this Commissioner  does not possess the leadership and management skills that are required to solve these heinous crimes.

How many more have to suffer? How many more have to die for us to realize that Trevor Botting must go? I call for Trevor Botting to resign and go before 2021 in order for us to avoid him starting his murder rate count back at one.


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