Gov’s Covid-19 Management test Positive For Lack Of Credibility


By Mark. A. Fulford- Attorney-at-law

The TCI Ministry of Health dashboards for 13th and 14th September has left a vast majority of citizens and residents wondering if the continued mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic will bring more hardship upon us.

We have seen the Minister of Health call a press conference to say there will be a press conference, and then the press conference is void of anything worthy of calling a press conference in the first place.

We all would agree that with the September 13th dashboard which showed major changes in all the numbers except one, was worthy of several press conferences and explanations.

Careful analysis shows that the mathematics is failing to add up! After all, to release a dashboard that showed 425 persons released from quarantine in 24 hours, 234 recoveries in 24 hours and to still have the hospitalized numbers showing as 3,without one iota of an explanation, seems to be an attempt to hope the dashboard goes unnoticed.

Following the public outcry for an explanation, the Minister hackled up some gibberish, sent it out as a press statement hours before midnight almost a day later. This further underscores why many are labeling the September 13 dashboard circumspect.

At a time when citizens are confused about the future, nervous and seeking health and economic answers for our situation, this kind of behavior is further destroying public confidence in the Minister who heads up the Ministry of Health, where talented Turks and Caicos Islanders are toiling and yearning for strong leadership.

It’s a crying shame when the very minister responsible for public health does not enjoy the confidence or loses the trust of many residents because his leadership or lack thereof has mismanaged this pandemic.

The way in which the Minister grandstands, then disappears from pubic view when its convenient, serves to show it’s more about egos, brownie points and politics rather than about effective public health management.

After this pandemic is done , the MOH will still be around, but because of his lack of leadership may be discredited and relegated into the dustbins of incredibility.

I applaud the hardworking Health officials and call on them not to allow themselves to be used as pawns in this political game.

If the leadership can’t handle this pandemic, give way to those who can.

As a final note, after allowing itself to be mocked publicly and ridiculed, the Minister issued a feeble statement which raises questions about the integrity, efficiency, reliability and accuracy of the testing system and the overall management of the pandemic.

Hence the reason it appears to many persons that the government’s management of the COVID-19 pandemic has tested positive for lack of credibility.

The mismanagement of the pandemic has caused most right thinking persons to be left with no choice but to believe that the numbers are being misrepresented, miscalculated or manipulated for all the wrong reasons, not the least of which is political expediency.

I say, if you cant get it right, then get rid of the dashboard altogether.

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