Family Confessed to killing Tamara Geddes

On June 19,2020 a 36 year old Jamaican woman by the name of Tamara Geddes who resided in the community  of Reserve District Trelawny was killed when a man entered her home and demanded money. Geddes allegedly gave him the sum of $16,OOO.OOJMD and 2 cell phones. The robber then decided to ask for sex which Geddes refused, the gunman then decided to shoot Geddes several times in the presence of her 10 year old daughter which ultimately resulted in her demise.

On July 15,2020 a female family member gave a caution statement in which she confessed to plotting the robbery and hired the man to carry out her desires. The family member along with her mother is said to be in police custody.

There is a popular saying in Jamaica “IF YUH FI DEAD AND YUH FAMILY NUH HAVE HAND INNA IT, YUH NAA DEAD”

Another family member stated that there have always been bad-blood between the relatives, but is that enough for them to conspire to get you killed?





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