Coronavirus In TCI Far From Being Under Control; Requires Strong Decisive Leadership

Mark Fulford – Attorney-at-law
Residents of three of the world-leading economies have been notified and warned against travel to the Turks and Caicos Islands, by their Leaders, all within the last 5 days.

As a Tourism dependent economy, this is troubling and concerning news. Moreover, our tourism industry depends heavily on these three markets of the USA, UK & Canada. The warnings can only be an indicator that we are labeled as a country that has lost control of the spread of COVID-19.

As a country, our leaders must be more responsive than this. The COVID-19 pandemic cannot be our demise. Responsive leadership can present this country with a decisive plan that will combat this COVID-19 pandemic and put our country back on sound economic footing while saving the health and wellbeing of our people.

The reopening of our borders has not yet brought any real economic significance to our economy and as the numbers of positives are increasing daily it does not appear that it will.

Leaders of other countries are beginning to issue travel advisory cautioning their citizens against traveling to the TCI at this time.

In addition to this the UK and Public Health England has all but wiped their hands off us, and thrown in the towel on us, as they have also signaled publicly via these warnings, that the protection of British Citizens are greater than their interest in helping protect Turks and Caicos Islands citizens and residents.We have seen very little support from them except sending soldiers here that is clearly not making any significant impact in helping us combat crime nor the COVID19 pandemic.

We must admit that the outbreak of Coronavirus in TCI is far from being under control. The situation requires strong and decisive leadership. This wait-and-see approach can no longer be employed.

I have, in the past, provided sound advice that was ignored, today we are paying the price. I will not sit and watch my beloved country be coronavirus-listed, and abandoned by world powers and do nothing.

I encourage Turks and Caicos Islanders like me, who have real skin in the game, to take a stand now and pledge with me to ensure that we contain and defeat coronavirus and that we rebuild our nation’s economy for the coming generations.

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