Convicted double murderer Christopher Forbes lives large at Her Majestys Prison in Grand Turk

Christopher Forbes

Social media is on fire as some found it outrageous that double convicted murder Christopher Forbes seems to be living a life of luxury from behind bars. Forbes posted a photo himself posing with cash and another with what appears to be bottles of wine.

Folks it is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. But don’t be fooled by the photos of Mr. Forbes posing with cash and what appears to be enjoying fine wine.

Prison life is hard and the conditions are shitty for sure. However, this editor agrees that there is an appearance that the inmates are in charged of the asylum which is another reminder that something needs to be done to restore order at the prison.

With the imminent departure of the current Superintendent of Prison, Grahame Hawkings, as the post is being advertised. It seems that besides announcing that Prison officers will soon be armed with mace and pepper spray the authorities have given up.

And with the Permanent Secretary and Deputy Secretary also living large since the Covid-19 pandemic as sources say their only attempt at leadership is appearing in their pajamas from their respective bedrooms for the odd meeting via microsoft teams. The whole system seems to have fallen apart under their leadership.

This is trending so let us talk bout dat!



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